Monday, October 25, 2010

Went sailing instead

Well last week was an OK one, without being great. Had a few problems with my new program I'm trying to get going. firstly I tried to start the 100 push ups and 200 crunches programs at the start of the week, and I was hurting for 5 days after! Now I know a bit of soreness is a good thing, but that's a bit much. So I'm going to change the program, and just keep on week 1 until The pain starts to improve. Also last week was my last week of class for university. Now I know its no excuse, but my diet was pretty awful. I'm not sure what the number is, but I'm sure my weight's gone up. And the last thing that went wrong is instead of my long run, I went sailing, I did the Coastal Classic, which took up 2 days by the time I got home... So I'm a bit down on my target for the week. 
Coastal Classic Start, in there somewhere.

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