Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kerikeri Half Marathon

Well it's come and gone, and for the first time this year after a half marathon, I can honestly say that I have exceeded my expectations. I set myself a plan (pretty simple really) start slower than I think I can do it, and progressively speed up throughout the run as I feel I can. And for the first time this year, I followed my plan. Using approximate numbers my first 10k (63min) were run at 6:18/km pace, 10-16km at 6:12/km pace and 16km-finish at 6:00/km pace. End result was 2:10:35. A personal Best by 10 min 7 sec, and a years best by 17minutes! So very, very happy with myself.

As for my goals I gave myself after the Waitakere Half;

1. Weigh under 100kg. I weighed in at 100.6 on race day. So close, but not quite... I'll get there tho.

2. Run every step. Done

3. Enjoy the run. Done, well and truly the most enjoyable one I've done.

4. 2 training runs longer than 15km. Only managed one, but also had 3 10k ones, so close...

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