Sunday, November 28, 2010


Another weekend down, another event ticked off... This time it was the around lake Taupo cycle challenge. For this one, I did the 2nd 80km out of 160 as part of a relay team with my mate Kris. I went into the weekend quite worried about things, I felt that I hadn't spent nearly enough time on the bike, due to a combination of university and training for last weekends half marathon. So once again, went in with only the goal of finishing. If I had to pick a time to aim at, 4 hours (20km/hr average) would have been what I was aiming at.

The race itself was brilliant, but challenging. Conditions were hot, but sunny with a medium headwind for part of the ride. I found I was right about a lack of time on the bike, aerobicly, I felt pretty good the whole way around, but my legs shut up shop and just didn't want to do what I wanted pretty early in the piece. I felt good pushing a small gear at relatively high cadence, but struggled with the strength to push a bigger gear. I also learnt a bit about riding in groups, a few times I got myself in the middle of a good group and made great progress, but to often I found myself at the front for too long, ended up getting tired, and unable to stick with the group when I got off the front... This is something I'll learn with practice I think.

The end result had me home in 3hr, 40min, 17 seconds. Which I'm pleased with. If I had been offered that tiem before the race I would have gladly taken it, and it was about 2 hours faster than my previous 80k ride, during the northern crossing in May.

So the only question left, is what next?

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