Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Update

Well, another week has passed, and more progress has been made. This week I got through 4 good runs, totalling 41km, including a 15km run this morning. That is the longest training run I've ever done, so something to be pleased with I think. I also ran it relatively comfortably, whilst 6:25/km pace is not setting the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination its still a faster pace than I've done on a run longer than 10km before. But the main thing was the whole way through I felt nice and comfortable.

This time next week I will have done the Kerikeri Half Marathon, and to be honest I'm feeling more prepared for this one than any other I've done. But I stand by my previous statement that I'm gong for completion, not a goal time. I'm aiming for 3 more training runs next week before the race, hopefully with another 10km. Feeling good about things.

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