Monday, January 24, 2011

Cut Back Week (aka going sailing)

As far as training for triathalons goes, last week was pretty poor, but I had a great week none the less. As was always planned I spent most of the week up in the Bay of Islands racing. We had 2 fantastic days weather wise, and 1 which got a bit nasty and caused some carnage. Our results weren't that flash, It's actually the first time in 4 years that I haven't come home with a trophy for this regatta. But it was great to get out of Auckland and do some sailing. Much better than working all week!

The big positive for my training, was that I tried a Brick workout for the first time, 18km cycling followed by 8km running. I was able to do it quite nicely, so that is definetly a positive sign. Another positive thing is that it's only the 24th today, and I've already overtaken last months total distances... That has be be good too.

So the goals for this week are 1, do all my workouts amd 2, try to undo some of the easy living I did up in the Bay.

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