Sunday, January 9, 2011

It begins again!

Training that is. The first full week of the year saw me complete the first week of my new training program. First up is a 4 month long base building stage, that will see me running and cycling  times a week, building up to 45km/week running, and 130+km/week cycling.

The first week was a nice easy start, 2x8km runs, a 10km long run, 2x18km cycles and a long cycle of 30km. I'm also trying to add some strength workouts to my routine, at this stage its nothing special at all, 2 sets each of 10 push ups and 15 sit ups, 4 times this week. Next week, that's going to increase to 5 times, and exercises are going to be slowly added until I am doing a decent amount. But I feel that like running, its best to slowly increase, than jump straight into huge workouts.

So that's me for now... It feel's good to be getting back into things.

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