Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week I achieved some of my goals, enough to be happy with my weeks work, but not enough to be perfect. On the positive side I swam 2 mornings and I increased my strength workout to include side planks, and dips. On the negative side, I didn't increase the frequency of my strength workouts, still only managed 4, and I missed 1 run, and 1 cycle.

This was mainly due to sailing, Friday afternoon I delivered a boat up to the bay of islands, this resulted in missing Fridays workouts, no sleep on Friday night which in turn turned the rest of the weekend into a write off. I did manage to get in a very slow 10km run, but didn't have the energy for the rest. In the end my totals were 18km run, 36km cycled and 1.6km swimming.

This coming week is also going to be compromised, I have 5 nights out of town for a regatta, There's no way I can bring my bike, and to be honest I can't see much if any workouts happening while I'm away anyhow.

So I'm going to treat this week as a bit of a cutback/rest week. But I still want to get some workouts done. We will see...

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