Monday, February 14, 2011

February, Week 2

Another good week training, the 3'rd consistent week in a row for me, so quite pleased. I did essentially the same program as last week, 3 runs (32km, 3:13) 3 bikes (99km, 4:05) and 3 swims (3.2km, 1:11). So as far as my goals for the week, I did all my swim/bike/run workouts, but I didn't start strength training again. Which is something that I still need to work at. The big positive for this week was in swimming, I've abandoned the program I was doing and am now just going long, all my swims were continuous this week, 2x1km and 1x1.2km in 1 go. So that side of things is making some rapid progress.

I've scheduled this week as a cut back week, partly due to the triathlon on Sunday, so will be taking things nice and easy. My goals for this week are to do all my Monday - Friday workouts, including one brick, and to enjoy my debut triathlon on the weekend.

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