Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month 1

Well Janurary has come and gone, and with it my first month of training for multisport. On the whole it's gone well, but I still need to be more consistant with my training. I need to be training 6 days a week EVERY week... in Janurary I managed 6 days once (2 x 5 days, 1 x 2). My monthly total distances were:

Swim: 3.4km / Run: 98km / Bike: 198km

Janurary Workouts (In hours)

Also I have recieved my new book, Joel friel's Triathlon Bible, and am using this to develop a better training program than what I am using at the moment. I will post something about that when I have finished... it is an interesting process.

Finally last weeks training, 2 x swims (4x100m, 6x50m), 2 x cycles (1x30km, 1x18km) and 3 x runs (2x8km, 1x10km)

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