Monday, March 7, 2011

March, Week 1

Back into some more consistent training this week. Only one bike missing from my scheduled workouts, which I'm going to blame on terrible weather over the weekend.

My big positive for this week is definitely my running, (3 runs, 35km in 3:22). Without even trying this week, all my runs were personal bests. Monday, my first workout after the lazy end to February was 10km in 56:59, a PB by about a minute, Thursday, my long run was 15km (my longest run of the year) and I was 6 minutes faster over the course than when I was in my build up for Kerikeri. and Sunday, an 'easy' 10km after a day off turned into 55:00, breaking Mondays PB by 2 minutes!

Swimming I did 3x 1500m mornings in average times, and biking 2 x 30km, in good times, in fact, Tuesdays was also a PB.

So it seems that I am definitely making progress... and the unplanned lazy week didn't cause any damage.

There is one other piece of news, I've entered the taupo half ironman at the end of the year... Committed now, so something to drive me forwards...

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  1. I found a site called daily mile that will let you add mile widgets to your blog. Also great job, I cant wait till I am at that point