Monday, March 28, 2011

March, Week 4

Its been an excellent week of training for me this week, I'm very pleased with my progress.

First up the milestones, This week I went past 300km Running, 700km Biking and 30km Swimming for the year. I know they're just numbers, and don't really matter but it is nice, and does represent a lot of training time. To put it in perspective, last year I went past 1000km total (running and biking) on August 14, so I'm 5 months ahead of last year. Which is awesome.

As for this weeks training, well I did all 9 of my workouts for the first time in weeks, as am quite pleased with that. Swimming, nothing special, 3 swims (4000m in 1 hour 32 minutes). Running, I did the same 2 runs as the last 2 weeks, and added an easy 5km to finish the week. (30km in 2:49) Included another PB, by 1 minute, for my 15km long run.

Biking, I did a 30km and 20(ish)km during the week, and tried the same 42km hilly course I did last week on Saturday. This week that was a much more positive experience than last week. My goal was to do it without pushing up any hills, like I had to last time. For the build up I had an easy day the day before (a short, flat bike) ate pasta / rice a few times in the days building up, and had a large (4 slices of toast) breakfast before the ride. And I have to say, that it worked. Despite the fact I weighed in 0.5kg heavier than last week I was able to do the course without a walk break, and finished in 2:08, 4 minutes faster than last time. I did, however, have 3 'pit stops', where I stopped for about a minute at the start of a hill to let myself recover before climbing. All of these occurred in the 2nd half of the ride. So that is the next goal, to do the whole thing without a walk, or a stop....

This week I'm planning on an easier week, no 40+km bike ride in hills, or 15km runs for me. This is partly to give myself a break, but mainly because I have my 2nd triathlon scheduled for Saturday. So I want to be coming into the weekend feeling nice and fresh.

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