Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Month 2

The year is slipping away far to fast, I can't believe that March is now here, and summer is over.

My final week of the month was a bit of a disappointment training wise. My excuse is commitments to go to a friends stag party and wedding, but the result was a very light week for training. This may not be a bad thing as I think a bit of rest might do me well... I have been feeling quite tired recently. In the end I managed only 1 12km run, 1 30km cycle and 3 swims totalling 3.5km. 

As far as the month goes, I was better then last month, but still not quite there. I had 3 weeks where I did all my workouts, and only the last one where I was slack. I did 12 runs for 112km in 10:56 hrs, 10 Rides for 268km in 10:58 hrs and 13 swims for 14.5km in 5:40 hrs. As shown below.

February Workouts (in Hours)
My training program is a fluid thing at the moment, I'm adjusting it on an almost weekly basis to fit in with events I want to do, and as I don't really know where my limits are the plan needs to change as I'm learning about my body.

Next month I want to step things up again... longer workouts, and skip the complete write off week. I need to eliminate the big gaps in that graph.

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