Monday, April 11, 2011

April, Week 2

Nothing much to report this week. I had a solid, without being spectacular week. The goal as I said last week is now to do 5-6 days a week, consistently. And that is what I did this week.

The first thing is the negative. The pool I go to has been hosting the New Zealand national swim champs last week, so that means no swimming for me. Which is a bit disappointing. But not a huge problem as I'm not doing another Tri until next summer, so had been planing to scale back the swimming anyway over the next few weeks.

Running, I only made it out twice this week, both were 10km in reasonable times (total 20km in 1:54). And I went for 3 rides this week (81km in 3:42) which included another attempt at my hilly weekend course. That went reasonably well. It felt terrible for the first 10-12 km, but I ended up setting a new best time, by 2 minutes and only had 1 'pit stop'. So I am getting better at this climbing thing I think...

Next week, I'm yacht racing on the weekend, so there will be no big hilly bike ride. But the goal is the same, 5-6 days a week...

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