Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being Slack

Well the last 2 weeks haven't gone to plan at all for me. Only 4 workouts (2 x run and 2 x bike) each week. So I'm quite down on where I was supposed to be.

Sailing 2 weekends ago left me with reasonably damaged knees, and feeling worn out at the end of each days racing, so that put an end to any thoughts of workouts after sailing on the weekend. But on the whole that week was reasonable 25km run and 60 biked.

Unfortunately last week was terrible. My first workout of the week, a 10km run resulted in a fall, a damaged knee, a sprained shoulder from the fall and shortening of the run to 5km. So the minor injures from that fall meant a slow start to the week. On the weekend despite felling nasty I tried to go for a long hilly ride, as per schedule. That got abandoned pretty early into the piece and I ended up in bed for 2 days with flu. So at the end of the week I had my smallest week in a long time, only 15km run and 36 biked.

There is now only 1 1/2 weeks till the northern crossing, I'm feeling ok, the gap in my training hasn't come at a good time, but I have a solid base from the last few months, so should be able to cope with it.

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