Monday, April 4, 2011

Carters Kumara Triathlon, Kai Iwi Lakes

This weekend, on Saturday April 2 I completed my 2nd triathlon. It was another sprint, slightly longer than Mangawhai from back in February, up in the Kai Iwi lakes, a few hours north from home.

Swim: 700 m, 16:30. I found the swim incredibly tough. Far more so than Mangawhai, I think it was mainly due to the cold, but I had real trouble breathing. For the first 500m or so I was gasping for air, and unable to get swimming smoothly I knew I was thrashing around, but was unable to stop it. The last few hundred meters felt better, but the damage had been done. I wasn’t last out of the water, but was towards the back.

T1: Much better than last time, I had swum with my singlet already on, had upgraded the shoes to elastic laces and was going without socks. So this part of the race, at least, was a huge improvement on last time.

Bike: 21km, 1:00:33. All of my thrashing about on the swim came back to haunt me on the bike, I just had no energy at the start. For the first half I honestly felt like I was riding with one of the breaks on. However I struggled through it and in the end rode pretty much what I was expecting time wise, just over an hour. Yes, I know that isn’t a fast ride, but it was a hilly 20km, and I still suck going up hill. So from what I have been doing in training the last few weeks, it was about what I was expecting.  

T2: Same as last week, off the bike, off with the helmet and off on the run, no need to change anything.

Run: 8.6km, 56:00. One word to describe the run, HILLS! It was described as off road for the first half of the course, and it definitely was. The positive was it was a very scenic run, the negatives being the hills and technical nature of the track we were on. The end result was very slow first half of the run, I picked it up a bit in the 2nd half, but still ended up with a very slow run, by my recent standards. The other word that comes to mind about the run is PAIN… Not wearing socks, which had seemed such a good idea in T1 and T2 came back with a vengeance about 3-4km into the run. The end result was a painful 2nd half and decent sized blisters on both feet by the end.

All in all, I finished in 2:15:26, 37th out of 57 finishers. So, proportionally, about the same place as the last one. I learnt a heap more and I made some mistakes that I wont be repeating. And it’s still a great feeling to finish a triathlon. 

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