Monday, May 16, 2011

May, week 2

My supposed recovery week, after the northern crossing has now gone. And it's been a pretty good one for me. 8 workouts, over 6 days, pretty much what I had planned. 

I'm going into a run focus for the next few weeks, I feel that my run fitness peaked back in march, and I've tapered off slightly since then. The problem with trying to get back to where I was is that with the current time of year, it's getting dark to early to be consistently running long distances after work. To get around tis I'll be upping things to 4 runs a week, 3 during the week, after work and 1 long run in the weekend.

Biking is going to mainly consist of trainer workouts, but once a fortnight I want to be out doing a long hilly course. 

I've also made it to the pool for the first time since the Kumara Tri back in the first week of April. Only once this week, but will be aiming for twice a week for the next few weeks. Just to get the feel for it again. 

My weekly totals, Run: 32km, 3:18, Bike: 76km, 2:30, Swim:1000m, 26 min.

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