Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye May

I had a reasonably good week to finish off May, without being fantastic. As I said previously I was going to be having an enforced break due to being out of town on business during the week. Well work didn't go quite as planned so I was gone longer than expected which put a bigger dent in my training.

This week only one bike, on Monday inside on the trainer. The news here is that I've brought some spinerval DVD's, to try and give me some direction when using the trainer. So Monday was my first spinerval experience and I think its going to work well.

2 swims, both 1250m pyramid workouts, nothing exciting to report here.

And running, only 3 times this week, all at once tho, 10k Thursday and Friday and 15 on Sunday. It made for a long few days, and some tired legs by the end of the weekend. The good thing here is that, when doing a tempo run on Thursday, I set a new PB for 10km.

And finally, my training log graph for the month... Somewhat dominated by the Northern Crossing.

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