Thursday, September 29, 2011

Complete and Utter Failure

The title of this post pretty much sums up the month of September. There is still a day and a half to go in the month, but its safe to say that I've failed to meet all of my goals.

The main reason for this is that my leg hasn't healed as well as I was hoping it too. Some over enthusiastic bike riding caused some of the pain to come back after it had seemed to be healing well. This in turn resulted in having a 2nd week of no exercise at all, and the decision to go 2-3 weeks with no biking either. So time goals for the month were blown out of the water.

My 2nd big problem was that I replaced workouts with a good dose of emotional eating. I've been back at Wendys... The big reduction in exercise combined with the big increase in crappy food has resulted in my weight skyrocketing. In the last 4 weeks I have put back on what it took 7 to lose. I'm about 101 at last weigh in.

There are no excuses, it was all me. So we start again. Weight loss is going to be the big focus for October. Early next week I'll be posting some new goals, but safe to say they'll be more focused on healthy eating and getting injury free this time.

The one positive is that I have made it back to the pool finally. And amazingly I've been swimming better than before. So that's something to be pleased about.

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