Friday, September 2, 2011

Not a good end of the month

Well, I've alluded to it in previous posts this month. For the last 4 weeks or so, I've been running injured. Yesterday I went to the doctor, finally, and he confirmed what I already knew. I'm buggered, and need some time off to recover. Specifically he thinks that I've torn the webbing which holds the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles together in my calf, and I need about 4 weeks of no running or hard cycling.

So this is going to cause a bit of a problem for my HIM training. It means that I'll only have 8-9 weeks of running before race day. Which is not even close to ideal. So I'm going to have to re assess things over the next few weeks.

Looking back at August I had 4 goals I wanted to achieve with my training:

1: Start swimming. Total failure. Never made it to the pool
2: Run 100km for the month. A close failure. Ran 95, but considering I was injured I should have backed off and done much less.
3: Bike 10 hours, target 14. Big pass. 15 hours on the bike, for 358km. My biggest bike riding month to date. Included back to back 100km+ weeks.
4: Weigh under 98kg. Pass. On 1 Sept. I weighed in at 96.9 and it has been over a week since I was more than 98kg.

So that's a score of 2/4. Which is what I said I would be happy with... so I am.

And lastly, August's training log:

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