Monday, October 3, 2011

New Month = Fresh Start

So after a disaster of a September, what should I do to try and redeem myself in October?

Well the first and most important goal is to get injury free. That’s not something that I can tangibly measure, or record so is a bit of a difficult one to go about achieving. But it is by far the most important ‘athletic goal’ I can achieve at the moment.

To help achieve becoming injury free, I will not be setting any biking/running goals for the month. Everything going to plan I will be able to ride again in a week or so, and hopefully running before the end of the month, but I will be easing into it, in small amounts so no time/distance targets will be set this month.

The one target I will set is swimming, which I should be able to do without further damaging my calf. The goal here is 20km for the month. This would be the most swimming that I have ever done in a month, but when the fact I’m on limited biking/running is not a huge amount of exercise. So I think will be an achievable goal.

The other big goal is weight. As I said a few days ago, September was a disaster. I gained back 5kg that I had worked hard to lose. Today I weighed 101.2kg, and I am going to set a target of being under 98kg by the end of October.

To get there I will be measuring/weighing and counting calories again. My target is 1900 – 2000 Cal/day for the next 4 weeks. (I am going to allow myself 4 ‘cheat meal’ days where I am allowed to be over the target)

So in list form:
  1.   Get injury free
  2.   Swim 20km
  3.  Weigh < 98kg
  4.  Eat 1900-2000 Cal/Day 
That should do it as far as goals go for this month. Everything going to plan (which it has yet to do) I’ll be nice and healthy and swimming like a fish in no time

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