Monday, October 10, 2011

Swimming like a fish?

Well, so far October has pretty much gone to plan, for the first week I swam every day, Monday - Friday, for a total of 6000m, which is well and truly the most swimming I've done in a week to date. It's also the fastest swimming I've done so far. Which can only be a good thing. 

Diet wise, From Monday to Monday I went from 101.2 - 100.1kg, so a drop of 1.1kg. Which is a good start to the program I think. I admit that I didn't count calories during the weekend. Which is not ideal, but the days I did count (tues - fri) I ranged from 1671 - 1955 Cal so I am happy with that too. 

I'm undecided about my leg at the moment, I'm thinking about starting back on the bike this week, but seem to be constantly changing my mind... So at this stage I'm not sure if I'll re-start biking this week, I am hopeful tho

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