Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I went for a ride around a hill.

On the 28 of January, myself and 2 friends went down to Taranaki for the 150km round the mountain cycle challenge, the course was 30km of rolling hills to start with, followed by about 30km flat. Then 30km of climbing, only a slight gradient but no relief at all. Finishing with rolling hills again.

Pre race routine: Bumper bar and banana for breakfast, got ready nice and fast to check out from the motel. Registered nice and early, then sat around, and checked out others bikes...

Warm up: about 10-15 minutes easy pedaling around too and from registration.

I got talked into starting with a faster group than I thought I should have been with. I was with the group for about 20 minutes until there was a split, which I got caught on the wrong side of. So I made things worse by trying to catch up to the group, after about 15 minutes of not quite being able to close the gap my legs were gone, and I was only 35 minutes into a long day. Because of these mistakes I was unable to hook into a decent group as they overtook me, so spent most of the race by myself, once I came to terms with this, and settled into my own pace things got a lot better. I also didn't drink enough in the first part of the ride, only 2 bottles in the first 100kms, I think this is the reason that I started to cramp up in the last hour or so of the race. Fortunately there were 2 drink stops, and a bottle and a half of electrolytes seemed to help.

What would you do differently: 

1. Start in the right group
2. Not try to catch up to groups after being dropped
3. keep a closer watch on my pace/effort levels at the start.

Warm Down: A beer and a hamburger. Free with entry, nice!

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