Monday, March 12, 2012

Peoples Tri Series, Maraetai

Pre-race routine:

Not a too early start for this one, was out the door by 6:30am, and arrived at the start at 7:15, about 2 hours till race time. Claimed a spot in transition, then sorted registration. Had a pre race technical stop and watched the olympic distance race start.

Swim 500m, 8:13, 9/15 AG

Out about 150m straight off the beach, 90 degree turn into 200m across the the beach ans then 150m straight back into transition. No current to speak of, but a reasonable amount of chop.

Used the standard plan, started at the back to avoid getting swum over by faster athletes, but found myself right in the middle of the pack the whole way around. Was very close quarters and even got a few kicks. Swallowed a few mouthfuls of water due to the chop, but otherwise ok. Felt that I got into the swing of things much faster than previously. 

What would you do differently?:
Warm up... Same as the last one.


Much shorter run from the swim exit to the bike than I've done before. And had a bit of trouble finding the wetsuits zip. As a result the wetsuit was still on when I arrived at the bike, so  I was a bit slower than I should have been.

What would you do differently?:
Practice! Mangawhai's good transition probably lured me into a false sense of security, found it a bit tougher this time.

Bike: 20km, 43:43, 12/15 AG

Along the coast for 4km, then head inland for 6km over rolling hills to the turn around point. 

Nice bike along the coast. Pushed pretty hard the whole way, but never felt that I was giving it 100%. There were a few drafting packs around, which annoyed me a bit. Other than that was happy with my ride. Felt I could have kept going for a long time at that pace, which is what I'll need to do at the northern crossing.

What would you do differently?:
Probably should have pushed harder than I did. Also, if I wanted to do well in the race I should have hooked into one of the drafting packs. I know it's against the rules, but everyone was doing it, and it does give the other guys a big advantage...


Much smoother than T1. Arrived at the dismount just after 2 other athletes, so had a bit of of delay getting into transition. Once in ran to the bike rack, swapped shoes in moments and off on my way. Running the whole time.

What would you do differently?:

Run: 5km, 25:50, 14/15 AG

2 laps of a 2.5km long out and back. Mostly on the flat but over 1 short hill about half way. Was a water station about 200m before the turn around, so got 4 chances for a drink.

Felt slow and awkward at the start of the run, as you do after a ride. That feeling never went away. I did the 9:1 run:walk program I've been doing in training and it seemed to work well. I ran within myself, and liked the bike felt that yes I was pushing, but had more to give if I wanted too.

What would you do differently?:
Push harder. To do well in these sprint tris I have to give everything. BUT, the main goal of the first part of the year is the northern crossing, which is much longer, so pacing myself for now will hopefully pay off in the long run.

Over all

1hour, 19 minuted and 51 seconds.

13/15 AG, 92/130 Male and 117/189 Over all

Post Race:

Warm down:
Bit of a walk around, and some post race nutrition (They gave us danish pastry's! How good is that)

What limited your ability to perform faster:
1. Weight, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I"m too heavy to do well at this. At the end of the year, when I'm under 90 kg I might stop saying its a problem
2. lack of run training. Getting better, but still months away from being happy
3. Myself. I held back, I was pushing, but was close to my long course pacing... If this had been a goal race I could have been faster.

Event comments:
Much more serious tri than what I've done before. But still heaps of fun. Weather wasn't great, but didn't ruin the day. Over all I was very happy with how things went.

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