Monday, April 2, 2012

Kumara tri, Kai Iwi Lakes

Pre-race routine:

2 pieces of toast and a coffee for breakfast. On the road by 6:30. Arrived at the race site about 8am, before the road was closed. Watched the kids race, and the short course start before finally starting at 10am.

Swim 750m, 13:11

Knee deep wade, for about 100m, then swim out about 200m, 100m across the beach then back in. 

Very good swim. Felt the best that I have to date. Started at the back as per usual, but got caught behind a group swimming slower than I was which held me up slightly. Had a bit of trouble navigating around, definitely swam further than I needed too. 

What would you do differently?:
Nothing. This was by far the best swim, and the most comfortable I have felt in the water to date. I don't think on the day I could have done any better.

Good transition. Had the wet suit half off before back to the beach due to the long wade in. That helped give me some extra time. 

What would you do differently?:

Bike: 21km, 58:44

Hilly course (770m climbing), out and back. Very windy, mainly headwinds on the way out, tail winds coming back. One hill with strong cross winds, had to slow down to stay in control

I struggled with this bike. The hills and the winds sucked a lot out of me. Overtook a few people who were walking up hills, but lost far more places than I gained.  

What would you do differently?:
I don't know. But I need to figure it out because it didn't work. I was slow, and felt absolutely shattered by the end of the ride. I think that I beat myself mentally by worrying about the wind and hills.


Good, clean transition

What would you do differently?:

Run: 8.8km, 1:05:59

Very steep hill to start the run, then an off road trail run around the lake for about 5km. Finishes with a run along the road back to transition
After 3 days of thinking about it, I have nothing positive to say about this run. It was the worst run I've done in a long, long time. Felt slow and tired as I left transition, and getting up the first hill sucked any energy I had left out of me. Had planned to keep to a run/walk schedule to protect my calf, which I did mostly, but the run part was more of a shuffle.

What would you do differently?:
As with the bike, I'm not sure. But I need to figure it out.

Over all

2hour, 17 minutes and 32 seconds.

Post Race:

What limited your ability to perform faster:

This is the big one. I think that there were several factors:
1. The course and conditions. This was definitely a hillier/windier course than I've been doing. So no doubt that made things harder for me than the previous races. 
2. I beat myself mentally. I let the course and conditions get to me, I made them worse than they were, or needed to be.
3. Fatigue. I've been tired for weeks, and was exhausted when I woke up on race morning. I think that I may be paying the price for too much work, and not enough sleep. I need to address this over the next few weeks. 
4. Of course I'm to heavy, and I need to train more... Both of those I'm working on, but take time.

Event comments:
Hard course, but nice relaxed atmosphere which I do enjoy. 

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