Friday, September 21, 2012

A mid month update

Well so far so good for the month of September.

As I said last post I twinged my calf towards the end of August, so had a few weeks off. But I am now back into running (admittedly using a run/walk technique) regularly. And hitting the right sort of numbers. I have found however I have been going surprisingly well using the run/walk thing. So as I'm training for a HIM, where in all likelihood I'll be doing some walking I've decided to play around with the run/walk thing (especially on my long runs) with a plan of using it in the HIM. 

Swimming and biking are going well. I'm still seemingly unable to get myself to the pool 3 times a week, which is something that I need to address. But I'm still heading towards the most swimming for the year. Biking is going very well. Getting in all my workouts (not all as fast as I'd like) but this is also likely to be a years highest.

So bring on the next 10 days of workouts, and lets see if I can carry on with the good work I've started.

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