Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So what's next?

So the question I've been asking myself since Ironman Auckland is simple "what next?" 

Going in to the start of the year I had been planning to do a 2nd HIM (Auckland Half Ironman) in March. And possibly look at doing a full Ironman at IMNZ 2014. But, after considering how I performed at Ironman Auckland I've decided to push those plans back a bit. I need to get faster, and fitter before taking on the longer distances. 

So, for the rest of summer my plan is to continue along with the training I had been doing prior to the Christmas break (8-10 hours/ week), and as the plan always has been continue to increase that up to 12-15 hours/week. I still need to work on my early morning workout consistency, as my swim has suffered due to too many missed workouts. And I need to continue to work on making sure my intensity is right, especially on the bike, I've done too much cruising in the past. 

I also really, really need to get my weight under control. I got down as far as 96kg last year. But good food and less exercise ended up with me racing at 102kg. That's way above where I should have been. So, after a few months break, it's back onto MyFitnessPal, and hopefully back below 100kg before to long. 

From a racing point of view, I'm going to do the same 3 sprint Tri's I did last summer, (Mangawhai, Mareatai and Kai Iwi lakes), with the intention of setting new best times in all 3. I will also be doing the final peoples tri series at mission bay, Olympic distance again. My goal for this race is to go under 2:30:00. (Which would be a 9 minute improvement) This might be an unreachable target in the 3 months available, but I'm intending to give it my best go. 

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